1-3 Fisherman: $375.00

$125.00 per person with 3 or more.

3 prsn or $375.00 minimum on weekdays (Monday thru Thursday)

4 prsn or $500.00 minimum on weekends  (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)


CATFISH JUGLINE TRIPS (Prime trophy catfish months are (December, January, February)

1-4 Fisherman $500.00 

$125.00 per person after that.





                                       $ 2gonefishing00.00/ person

                                       3 prsn or $600.00 minimum on weekdays. (Monday thru Thursday)


                                      4 prsn or $800.00 minimum on weekends. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)


 Half day of Striper Fishing. Half day of Catfishing. You and the fishing will determine when to switch from one to the other. Typically we will try to do 4 hours of each.  With the exception of winter jugline trips. These trips will be a mixture of both throughout the day.  Please be sure to bring plenty of food/drinks/sunscreen. These combo trips are for hardcore fisherman and make for a long day on Lake Texoma. Especially during mid summer.

Catfishing method will be determined by seasonal patterns and the weather.  Most winter combo trips will be with juglines. Most Summer catfishing will be with rod and reel. We will play it by ear as to which is more effective in between Summer and Winter. You can expect to stay out longer while doing combo trips unless you choose to head in earlier.


Large groups that require multiple boats?     No problem. Just give me proper time to get it set up.

All large group trips that require more than one boat will require a $125.00 deposit for each boat booked.


  • Fun for all ages and all experience levels! Fun for all ages and all experience levels!
  • Texoma 7-24.2 Texoma 7-24.2
  • texoma7-15.1 texoma7-15.1 First striper ever!
  • dwayne.1 dwayne.1 Nice summer time striper
  • dwayne.3 dwayne.3
  • mycavett mycavett Camp Cavett 2013
  • texoma7-10.2 texoma7-10.2





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