February 1st, 2016

Repeat clients once again. The flood gates had really made the water muddy. We knew going in that the striper bite would most likely be minimal. With that being said. We tended to the juglines a little more than usual and ended up with a really nice mess of catfish and some happy fisherman. The brought home 7 GALLONS of fillets off of these.

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January 21st, 2016

The truth is the truth. Some days are just simply better than others. This trip wasn’t supposed to be for catfish but we decided last minute to throw 10 jugs out. They caught 12 catfish in a 3 hour soak. We caught 1 striper and 1 sand bass deadsticking flukes. Other than that. It was 27 gallons of fuel and some hard fishing. I’m gonna blame the flood gates but who knows. They went back to Moore with 2 gallons of Catfish fillets and a smidgen of striper.



January 17th, 2016

Repeat clients once again. We set the juglines out first thing. Then went searching for stripers. We had a ton of short strikes but managed a pretty hefty box of fish when it was all said and done. Deadsticking outproduced live shad once again. Even the catfish were hitting the deadsticks. We ran the juglines twice in between striper fishing and they did very well. Our heaviest striper went 8 pounds. Biggest catfish 34 pounds.


January 4th, 2016 Catfish/Striper Combo Trip

Same group of repeat clients as the day before. This time they wanted the combo trip. The juglines were hot with big fish. We released some big ones. And kept a few for the table. The striper bite was very soft but they did great once again. Deadsticking pink flukes with chartreuse heads in 88 feet of water was the ticket.


January 3rd, 2016

Repeat clients once again. We headed out and started catching fish right off the bat. The striper were biting very subtle but these good fisherman knew how to stick them!


January 2nd, 2016 Catfish/Striper Combo Trip

Repeat clients from Kansas today. The weather started out at 27 degrees and never warmed up much. We had some big blue catfish on jugs and picked at the stripers throughout the day. Biggest blues went 45 pounds and 36 pounds. We released those and kept the rest for the family fish fry the following day.


December 28th, 2015 Catfish/Striper Combo Trip

Another fantastic day with repeat clients. We used live bait and deadsticked in 80 ft of water.  We kept some fine eating catfish and released 2 blue cats that were 34 and 35 pounds!!


December 23rd, 2015 Catfish / Striper Combo Trip

We Started off real good while drifting live bait in 45 feet of water. The fish stayed with us for about an hour and a half. After that we ran juglines. We released some big cats and kept the smaller ones for the table.


December 22nd, 2015 Catfish/Striper Combo Trip

My River Bottoms Pursuits gang came down to fish. We drifted live bait in 40 ft and had fish on for a mile long drift.


December 19th, 2015 Catfish Striper Combo Trip

Extremely windy day but we did pretty darn good with all things considered. Another fun trip with longtime faithfuls. We released the big catfish and kept the smaller eating sized ones. Biggest on the day was 34 pounds.