Sooner Lake November 14, 2012

Bait was extremely tough but managed a good 120 before heading to Sooner to pick up my group of 4 from Wichita KS. Most of the baits i caught were larger than i normally like to use. Most were 5-6 inch gizzards. But. you gotta fish with what you can catch. Head out at 830 am and our first anchor with those big baits had rods going down. These fish were plowing the rod tips 3 and 4 eyes deep into the water. (Guess those big baits were more of a blessing than a curse because almost every fish we caught were “overs”!! (fish over 20″ in length) We fished until that bite slowed and went in search for more hungry hybrid stripers. Our last stop of the day started putting fish in the boat. We had 2 lines broke, a few misses, and boated 3 or 4. All long fish (overs). We had our limit of overs which is 5 per person and 6  box fish to boot. As i always say. Great day on the water. The fall weather was beautiful. Temps in the low 60s. Water temp 59.

Sooner Lake November 12th 2012

Bait catching was rough and cold with a 25 degree morning. Water from the shad net froze almost instantly when it dripped in the boat. It made a slippery sheet of ice for us to skate around on. Picked my group of 2 from OKC and headed out at 830 am. I marked some fish sitting on a ledge in 36 feet of water. We had rods down before the warm sunshine could even melt the ice. Missed a lot and caught a few out of that school. Moved around a bit and all heck broke loose on our next stop. They were setting hooks as fast as i could get another one baited up. Finished with 24 Hybrid stripers, 1 striper, and a big ol’ blue cat weighing in at 12lbs. The ice melted after the first hour we were out and the day turned out beautiful. I love Fall fishing!

Sooner Lake November 8th

Headed out with 120 good sized baits. We were met by 25+mph winds on the way out. We were forced to fish in areas slightly out of the worst of the wind. Ended up finding some good fish in 32 fow. It took about 20 minutes with bait and chum down to get the first one to fire off. We nailed 17 Hybrids off of that school of fish. Once that bite slowed. My group decided to call it a day on account of the wind. Water temps 65. Air temp mid 70s

Sooner Lake November 7th

Took a little bit to find the bait. But once found. Two throws put 200 perfect sized baits in the tank. Picked my group up at 730 am and head out. First anchor in 24 fow had rods down before i could get them all baited up. We nailed 7 nice hybrids and 1 striper in the first 15 minutes. The bite and the wind completely quit at about the same time. We moved a few times and pulled a few fish here and there. Ended up in 3 feet of water throwing live shad with no weight (freelining) to some fish that i seen swirling up by the bank. These were a mixture of hybrids and stripers. We pulled some very nice stripers out of these shallow water fish. Finished the Day with 23 fish. 17 hybrids 6 stripers up to 8lbs. Not a slam dunk. But definetely a productive day with plenty of action.

Sunday November 4th Sooner Lake

Had two customers from Wichita needing to fill at trip. I partnered them up with a few from OK who were wanting to share a trip as well. The group jelled perfectly and were cutting up and laughing like they knew eachother their whole lives. Head out to our first stop and nail a 10 lb blue cat right off the bat. Then nothing. Next stop nailed one hybrid. Next stop nothing. Next stop. Rods down as they commenced to filling the cooler with hybrids. We pulled some nice hybrids in the 19-23 inch range. The bite finally ran out and i decided to try one last stop. We already had a nice box of fish but thought why not put the exclamation point on it. I pulled to drift underneath a few birds that were circling and the fish were there waiting. Dropped and anchor and slammed em til the bait ran out. Even cut up some white perch and nailed hybrids with it. Finished with 65 Hbyrids and a hat trick of catfish. 1 blue. 1 channel. And 1 flathead.

Saturday November 3rd Sooner Lake

Bait was easy. 4 throws for 300 perfect sized baits. Picked my group of 5 up and head out in the 38 degree clear weather. Made a few stops before landing on a hump in 28 fow. Got baits and chum down. It took about 5 minutes for the first rod tip to go down. Watched 5 yr old Griffin fight his first Hybrid Striper to the boat. It was all the little guy could handle. We were all focused on Griffin’s fight when i looked over and two other rods were BURIED!!! We stayed on that anchor and put about 20 nice ones in the box. Moved around some and picked a few here. Few there. Then the last stop of the day. All heck broke loose. We had rods down until the bait ran out. Missed a whole lot but connected with a lot as well. Finished the day with 44 Hybrid Stripers, 3 stripers, and a few catfish.

Friday, November 2nd Sooner Lake (click for pic and report)

Had a 5 man group scheduled. 4 showed up on time and the other was going to be there a little after 9 am. Headed out with the four. Clear cold morning with almost 0 wind. Head to our first stop and see fish there waiting on us. Drop and anchor and baited up. Hooks were being set before i got all the rods out. Had the fish going hot and heavy when the phone rings from the 5th member of the group. We nailed 2o nice hybrids before picking him up. Headed out to the same spot and the fish (thankfully) were still there. We nailed them good and the bite finally started slowing on us. Made another stop and got em going again. Finished with a 100 fish limit of nice hybrids and a few stripers in the 25″ range to go along with them. It was one of those days where you just can’t go wrong. Great day. Great weather. Great customers.