Shawn is a great family man, gives back to community, and just an all around great guide. Hes not stingy with his time, gas or putting you on nice quality fish. He works his butt off to insure you have a good time. Hes fun and knowledgeable in his craft and worth every penny you spend. This guide delivers!!!! My co-workers and I have used him several times and will again. As far as Im concerned Hes the only guide I’d hire. We wish you every success and happiness in life. We will see you soon….The zoo crew…marla, bennie, stephanie , Josh and Leroy.

“By far my best experience with a fishing guide. Not only does Shawn know the right spots and techniques but he is a blast to fish with as well. Not condescending at all when giving pointers. If you’ve ever considered a guided striper trip then Crosswinds is the only place to go. From putting us on fish to cleaning the fish he is far and away the best guide out there.” – King Keely

Thank you thank you thank you Shawn!! I had a amazing day today fishing. Yes it was rough at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! You are a true professional fishing guide. Thanks for teaching us so much today as well!! I’ll be back FOR SURE!! GO CARDS!!” – Kris Morgan

“I have to say that while everyone else out there seemed to be quitting, you found the fish!  Thanks Shawn!” – John Ross Deinhardt

” Shawn, this was a fishing trip of a lifetime! Thanks for working overtime in the afternoon to ensure we would catch these very large fish at the end, it made our day.” – Gauthier Pierozak


“It was an AWESOME trip Shawn!!! Were trying to get some guys from work together and do it again in October. Best guide ever. PERIOD!!!” – Tyler Jennings

“Thanks for the great weekend, hope to see you again really soon for another trip, had to be the best fishing trip I have ever had, you are the best.”  – Larry Travis

“Once again. We were not disappointed. Every time we tell Shawn that it was the best fishing trip ever. He finds a way to top it. Shawn is a top notch guy. And a top notch fisherman. He not only got us a limit of stripers. He took us to as spot that he said was loaded with catfish. We added 16 catfish to our cooler full of stripers. I’ve fished Texoma my whole life and have never seen a guide take his group catfishing afterward. Customers for life here!!! Thank you Shawn. You rock!!!!” – Lucas Golden

“Once again the zoo crew had a great time fishing with Shawn, he’s a great guide and brings a lot of fun and expertise every time out…works his butt off making sure everyone has a good time and catches a bunch….if you haven’t hired him yet- your missing out …Thanks again Shawn we’ll see you soon.” – Marla Moore

“My son and I went fishing for the first time on Texoma. Unloaded at Willow Springs, Friday afternoon and started looking for bait in the Marina to no avail. Had a guy come by in a falcon boat with a mechanic in the back working on the engine. He yelled at us and told us where we may go and catch bait and then said if you don’t catch any come by the boat stall over here and I’ll help you out. Well not bait, went by the boat stall where the mechanic was still working on the boat, the guy running the boat yells pull your boat in here and I’ll catch you some bait. It’a 100 plus degrees, and this guy that is having boat problems gets his cast net out and spends 35 plus minutes going to 4 or 5 different stalls catching bait for me and my son to go fishing that afternoon. Then after he catches us bait, I thank him for all the help and he tells us where to go that afternoon and where to fish the next morning. I introduce myself and thank him again and he tells me that he’s guide that just started on Texoma and his guide service is Crosswinds guide service and his name is Shawn Morales. I said, yeah you are the guide that used to fish Sooner and Konawa and posted on the fishing notebook, he said, yep that’s me, newly relocated to Texoma.  Shawn didn’t know me from Adam and helped me catch bait and told me where to catch fish with my son. If a guy will work that hard for someone he doesn’t know or not getting paid, if I book a guide to Texoma it will be Shawn, I can’t wait to see how hard he will work to catch fish when you are paying him. Nicest and friendliest guy I ever met, Thanks Shawn” – Blue Wave

” Thank you for showing my husband and family a fun day of fishing. It made his birthday!! We will definitely book with you again..  High praises from them.” – Dena Smith

“Had a great day with Shawn today! Lottsa stripers!” – Jim Hamlin

“Sean even cleaned our fish for us!  We caught a ton of fish!” – Michal Reid

“Great guy. Always tries his best to put you on fish and have a good time. He truly loves fishing and it shows. You have to remember with any guide its called fishing and not catching. But he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to get those rod tips down.  And they work!!!!” – Paul Botello

“Shawn is an excellent guide and will put you on the fish. Our trips have always been productive and enjoyable. I would recommend anyone looking for a great time give Shawn a call. He’s not one of those guides that tries to get you back to the dock as early as he can. He even took us catfishing after we caught our limit today. We’ll definitely be fishing with him from now on.” – Brian Huckabay

“Shawn I see a fish fry this summer in our future….maybe a deck building party with fish as payment…lol they had TONS of fun, im trying to go to sleep and they just keep talking about it…..Shawn is the BEST!  Thanks for such a FUN fishing trip!” – Becky Woods

“Thank you again Shawn for how awesome their trip was yesterday with you. Jay had a great Birthday. I mean it when i say you ROCK!” – Dena Smith

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